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Kay Rose Collection

The Shiloh Blouse


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Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Color: Russet Multi
Item #: KR3F29008BL

Lots of wonderful colorful Aztec print V-neck, kimono style with hanky soft fluidity at the sleeve. Print in an array of Aztec colors on front and back. Length, front shorter, back longer. 100% finest silk made in the USA, with deep saturation of color. This blouse wears gracefully on the body with a relaxed fit for comfort. Goes with all the vivid color denims out in the stores today. Sassy, unique in print, and has that uber chic appeal for all the fashionistas who love great style. This blouse will capture the attention of all who cross your path and you will get stopped with compliments to come your way. Love this blouse and so will you!