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Kay Rose Collection

Rose On The Vine Sweater Coat With Hood


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Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Color: Black / Floral Multi
Item #: KRWJ11085STRCO

This sweater coat is so pretty, feminine, and makes an uber chic statement anywhere. Boots or heels, pants or skirts, make it your own style and be creative. The sleeves are a very slight bell shape and the wrist has thickness of the fabric that gives a cuff like detail. The border at the bottom of the coat has the same thickness of the acrylic fabric to give substance and beauty. The collar has a drape over the shoulders and falls back into a wonderful hood for the head. On the front and backside of the coat is a very colorful palette of a rose on the vine dimensional embroidery. Two pockets on either side of the sweater coat. Very classy, a bit sassy, and the fashionistas will have some attitude wearing this anywhere! Sure to receive many compliments! Love this, so will you!