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Kay Rose Collection

Aida / The Princess Necklace



Color: Turq / Rose Gold / Copper / Bronze
Length: 9 3/4"
Item #: KRG758250PRO
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Breathtaking in beauty, design and color! Light in weight and measures 9 3/4" in length from back opening to the last tier down the front of the bustline. Lays comfortably on the neckline. Has a toggle closure. This metal necklace is made of turquoise oxide, patina 24 carat rose gold plated, with antique copper and bronze, patina throughout each tier with hammered and etched carving detail for accent to give a unique and memorable piece of jewelry. Great to work your wardrobe around this exciting necklace. Dress it up or down. Make it your own style and just wear it! It will be the statement to what you choose to wear! Designed in Argentina. Care instructions on jewelry site! Please follow them!